Zara Larsson Unleashes An Unforgettable First-Ever Live Concert With The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra!

Young pop legend in th making, and INYIM Media preferred, music princess Zara Larsson has unleashed an unforgettable first-ever live classical concert. This marks her  debut gig with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Zara chit chatted with the press specifically via, cultural news and had the following to spill during the rehearsals:

"I feel like royalty". she says with a laugh. "The concert is based on music from my entire song catalog. It is arranged by a conductor who above all focuses on the melancholy elements of my songs. The first time I heard the whole orchestra play my songs, I was completely floored, got shivers all over my body, almost a tear rolling down my cheek. It was very beautiful, so grand, powerful and big, it will be like a ceremony! 

Zara further divulges her  inspirations allowing the classical music to meet her modern pop world: "My songs are very pop ... they are also created electronically with synths and synth drums. Now the "real" instruments have to take place, it's cool that there will be two worlds coming together. Pop meets classic."
Zara Larsson then explains her how she felt a tad uneasy strutting into a new universe when she arrived to Berwaldhallen concert hall with her musicians saying: "My band and I said that "we are like children on a study visit" when we stepped on stage. I have also asked for the "click" in my ears, because I look at His conductor and I understand absolutely nothing! So it feels safer if I get to know what's happening in time. Because it's a whole language they speak that I can not speak." 

Dig out thee spectacularly juicy show broadcasted on Swedish SVT on Saturday this May!


"Arrangement by Hans Ek, Henrik Nordström, Karl-Johan Ankarblom and Per Ekdahl.

1. Love Me Land
2. I Would Like
3. Poster Girl
4. Ruin My Life
5. Ain’t My Fault
6. Wow
7. I Need Love
8. Talk About Love
9. Right Here
10. Look What You’ve Done
11. Symphony
12. Never Forget You
13. Lush Life."

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