Allow Us To Re-Introduce You To British Badass Duo, Sorry, & Their Pulsating Stellar Nu-Punk Tune "Cigarette's"!

Back in February of 2020. We brought to all you darling music-heads, thee enigmatic duo, <a href="" target="_blank">Sorry</a>. It was their pulsating raucous tune, More, that set our musical hearts on fire. Now, thee stellar twosome have unleashed their first new music of 2021! 

Sorry has served up a spectacular-smokin' song entitled, ‘Cigarette Packet’. This follows in the heels of their debut album 925 released in 2020. ‘Cigarette Packet’ was co-produced with fellow artist James Dring. In true, Sorry fashion. 

Leaders Asha Lorenz and Louis O'Bryen, who now are joined along by musicians Lincoln Barrett, Campbell Baum and Marco Pini This new track has a fast-fuse, experimental, rock-electronic infused sonics. With a modern nu-dance twist added to the mixture. The band's member Asha Lorenz spilled the following about the project: 

“The sounds are quite metallic / silver / grey and the lyrical ideas are repetitive almost as if they are whispers / mantras/ worries that you’d say to yourself and keep to yourself. We try and make the videos in a playful way whilst also expressing lots of mood and emotion; the use of black space and never showing full faces or using objects (like the toy cars) makes it feel like they’re flashes of thought or surreal memories,” said Lorenz,  specifically about the visuals.

“We loosely based ‘Separate’ on the J. G. Ballard novel Crash. It’s as if the water is his mind and he’s relaying or planning the series of crashes with the toy cars. Most of all, the videos are used for the colour splash or the movement to give the song almost another layer of rhythm that’s maybe audibly invisible but you visually can feel it within the song. With ‘Cigarette Packet’, we wanted it to feel claustrophobic and for intensity to build where it felt right. The mouths all merge into one voice, by the end it’s hard to tell who’s saying what, as if all your friends or people you meet are just parts of you. It’s weird what your mind chooses to hear or remember.”

Without further ado. Get into thee Sorry groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable brand sparking single, "Cigarette's" featured right below!


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