Usual Suspects To Our Pages: Groovy Music Rockers, Black Honey, Return With Spectacular New Single, "Disinfect"!

British Brighton-ers Black Honey have returned to our pages unleashing a brand new sparking single entitled, 'Disinfect'. Since debuting their first few records back in 2016, we've been hooked onto thee supergroup fronted by the enigmatic and rousing Izzy Baxter Phillip. 

Also in the band guitarist Chris Ostler, bassist Tommy Taylor, and drummer Alex Woodward, who joined the group after the departure of Tom Dewhurst. Black Honey new release comes in conjunction with their upcoming second album, 'Written & Directed', due out March 19th. 

On thee heels of their debut self titled album in 2018. Thee psychedelic alternative shakers and makers brought us a raucous, chilling, truth-spilling yet necessary new tune 'Disinfect'. Izzy said the following in a press statement about thee current project: 

 "'Disinfect' to me is like watching the school bus burn down. We wrote it before the pandemic but it feels like a premonition of things to come. The video is a commentary piece, I love collage and this one is like looking directly at our reality in a mirror.. it’s really honest." 

There are captures of phenomenal eye-catching live news coverage including wildfires, raising of gun issues, and the demise of POTUS 45's deservingly so legacy. Fellow artist Craig Hemming, directed and edited the musique video project. 

Follow the two surrounding themes, "Disinfect the disaffected" and "stream disinfect for covid compliance". As lead songstress chants and hollers along with the boys, guitarist Chris Ostler, bassist Tommy Taylor, and drummer Alex Woodward. 

Dig out the latest and greatest by Black Honey, right below!


 Run For Cover (2020 Official Music Video).


 Believer (2021 Official Music Video).


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