1980s Smash Show We Grew Up On "Punky Brewster", Returns Navigating Life As Divorced Parental In This Stellar First Trailer (Show Priemere Feb 25th.)

Holy moly Batman! If it's not one of our preferred TV show's from the 1980's. If you were a bambino in the 80's then you know this sitcom was the bees knees. 

Timely comedic chops with its superb ensemble cast. Favorite stars like Cherie Johnson is back in action, locked and loaded! Of course lead character played by Soleil Moon Frye is back but not as a funky, spunky foster kid. 

But as a grown up, raising her own family as a single parental. This time it is her that meets a kid without a home who reminds her of her growing up. 

 Get your signature “Punky Power” ready. Hopefully in the same vein as "Saved By The Bell". We have aspiration that this will be a golden reboot as well. Unlike other duds (ahem, Netflix's Cobra Kai). 

Punky Brewster was always a character who marched to thee beat of her own drum. Innately authentic and genuine. And if that doesn't encapsulate an INYIM Media brand, nothing does! 

 Get into thee Punky groove unleashing February 25th!

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