Get Right With Kylie Minogue's NEWLY Unleashed Real Groove Remix EP!

Kylie Minogue has been non-stop since 2020 continuing her euphoric and mesmerizing promo in support of her already iconic, 15th studio album DISCO! 

Along with thee previously released duet with none other than Kylie's 2020 dancing machine contemporary in the music biz, Dua Lipa! In addition to the dynamic "Studio 2054" remix feature there are two brand new bonus Real Groove remixes by, Cheap Cuts  and Claus Neonors. Of course shall also include the album version. 

The track is thee official third single from the DISCO LP as Miss Minogue herself stated on social media. Real Groove EP is also getting a limited 7″ vinyl release cometh April, 2021! 

Kylie once candidly said about recording the tune during an interview with Apple Music: “Because I was recording my own vocals at home, I found myself doing a lot more takes than I usually would, to the point where I literally had to back away from my laptop. 

Real Groove was one of the songs where I did the most takes. I wanted to take the melody down half a tone. We experimented with doing it lower, but ultimately the higher notes were the sweet spot."

Dig out all the ginchy "Real Groove" Remixes right below!

Throwback to Kylie's splendid spectacular December 2020 appearance live on The Jonathan Ross Show!

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