Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, & DaBaby Star On Billboard Cover Along W/ Interscope Head John Janick.

Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, & DaBaby Star On Billboard Cover Along W/ Interscope Head John Janick. 

 "Selena Gomez is essentially a celebrity angel at this point. The 28-year-old former Disney Channel actress has established herself among the world’s most popular women dominating social media, pop-culture tabloids, and of course the music charts, with a career similar to her peers like Taylor Swift, but made all her own. 

 Emerging from her showstopping acting career, the ‘Rare’ singer has revamped her public image with a big lineup of business endeavors, music collaborations, and even some political activism. (Activism that was received much better by the fans compared to stars like Demi Lovato who were often slammed online) 

 There’s a reason Selena stands among the world’s most popular artists, and it isn’t just because she signed with Interscope. (Though Interscope does manage some of the biggest names in the entertainment music industry) Her dedication to her music, the fans, and her selective activity on social media has allowed her to remain ever popular and rarely controversial. 

 Her ability to influence people in an unobtrusive manner is a key factor in how she has nearly 200 million Intagram followers and remains completely unaffected by the 'cancel culture' running rampant online. 

It may come as a surprise to learn that her album ‘Rare’ released as her third consecutive album to become the 1# album in the US and it sold over 100 thousand units (albums) in its first week.

Considering how successful Billie Eilish and DaBaby have been this year (both having number 1 albums this year) the three of them alongside their boss at Interscope, John Janick, being featured on the cover of Billboard’s magazine for the “No. 1s Issue” is only slightly surprising. 

 What is surprising is seeing all three of them together on one magazine cover! This may be the first time these leading artists have ever been seen photographed all at once. 

Selena shared her earnest appreciation to be included, captioning her re-post of the magazine sharingg how proud she is of John, an expresses how she doesn’t regret signing with Interscope. (Officially signed on in 2014) 

 Rare was her second studio album, and considering how successful their artists are (with Imagine Dragons and Lady Gaga among the company’s signed roster) was there really any doubt that Interscope would make the cover of Billboard? 

 Here is the caption that Selena included on her post which continues to grow in popularity online. “Thank you @billboard for including me on the cover of the #1s Issue. 

My family at Interscope received label of the year! John - I couldn’t be more excited and proud of all the hard work that you do for your company and for your artists. Signing with you is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Thank you so much to everyone at @interscope, my team and all my fans for all the support always!”" -

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