Allow Us To Introduce You To Brit Boy Rocker Oscar Lang & His Rambunctious Groovy Joint “Get Out”

Allow us to introduce you to Brit boy rocker Oscar Lang and his rambunctious groovy joint "Get Out". "Get Out" is a sour fun power-packed ditty by the multi-instrumentalist and producer Oscar Lang. Via label Dirty Hit. 
A super far-out chorus lends itself to a fresh new take in today's 2020 indie rock scene. Oscar Lang said about the project: "‘Get Out’ was written in January but since then it’s taken on a whole new meaning. Originally I wrote it as a song to myself, to try and get myself outside a bit more. But now because of COVID-19, I guess the song actually applies to everyone!"
 Brought to us by a self-directed musique video, the current lockdown, lent itself an essential influence and all-around thematic inspiration. It's raw grungy sonics and matching vocals makes "Get Out" a rock n rolling impressive banger.

Without further ado. Get into thee Oscar Lang groove. With INYIM Media's latest hit parade. Thee alternative and furious guitar-driven tune “Get Out”!

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