Dig Out The White Stripes Animated Love Tale In New! Musique Video For Cult Classic Track "Apple Blossom"!

The White Stripes have unleashed a super-stellar yummy new animated musique video for their classic fan preferred tune, “Apple Blossom.” This is all in part for the twosomes soon to be released greatest hits collection. Slated for a December 4th calendar release. 

We can't believe The White Stripes invented time travel going back to 2000 to film this music video and then came back to 2020 to release it. :P

The fresh aesthetics was first featured in the 2000 cult-classic album, "De Stijl". It may have taken 20 years for a video treatment to have come along. But the sweet endearing sing-a-long clip was directed by cartoonist Wartella. 

Using paper cutouts inspired by the White Stripes’ signature red-and-white color scheme. Thee lyrical thesis tells the tale of a woman escaping on a boat who washes up on an island occupied only by a man in a lighthouse. 

The gentleman cares for the lady all the way back to decent health. After their love manifests. And the duo escape off the island as the lighthouse burns down. 

 Dig out the rock n roll sweetness right below!


Whatta throwback! MTV Movie Awards 2002 featuring White Stripes.

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