Allow Us To Introduce You To Saucy Housey Mood-Groove Tune "Big Cat" By Artist P!NCH Featuring Brijs + GIRLI!

Allow us to introduce you to a saucy housey mood-groove tune "Big Cat" by artist P!NCH. Featuring fellow musical creators Brijs and GIRL.

‘Big Cat’ is a funky up-tempo beat in a new explosive collaborative effort from the darling trio. Artist P!NCH who mostly keeps an anonymous mystery to his whereabouts. According to our research, the record label had the following to say about thee elusive chanteuse.

“We don’t quite know what we’re unleashing here. P!NCH is going to explore anything and everything. The collaborations he’s lined up could lead the project anywhere and the possible combinations are kind of unlimited. That’s why we chose the deck of cards to represent it.”

One thing we do know that sticks like honey and butter. British producer and all-around musician Brijs has all hands on deck in crafting this dancey far-out jam. Vocals were provided by thee enthralling and ginchy gal singer GIRLI.

Press 100 with the bass at the highest volume level. Prepare to raise your sonic membranes. Without further ado. Get into thee P!NCH groove with ItsNotYouItsMe Media's latest hit parade. Thee inescapable. Beautifully thumping loud, feel-good house pop number, "Big Cat"!

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