INYIM Media Halloweenia! Food 4 Watch W/ Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bullock's Ghouling ‘Practical Magic’!

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock's 90's flop film has slowly but surely become an underground-cult critical hit. "Not for us," said all genuine fans around the globe. 

It may have aged well with casual watchers. But since it's release, we immediately added it to our preferred list of spooky Halloweenia themed films! 

 Nicole said in a recent chit-chat for WSJ magazine saying, “Strangely enough, ‘Practical Magic, every time Halloween’s going, people are like, ‘I love “Practical Magic!’ ”.

  The 1998 film has since conjured up parties and wild margaritas inspired by the movie's most memorable scene everywhere. Kidman said, “And I’m always like, ‘Sandy, that’s cool’ ”. 

 Dig out the clips right below!


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