Allow Us To Introduce You To Stellar Artist Elohim & The Wildly Far-Out Song "I’m Lost"!

Allow us to introduce you to stellar yummy star Elohim and the wildly far-out tune “I’m Lost.” Thee LA-based talented and avant-garde artist has really conjured up a fresh innovative sound filled with an authentic alternative sensibility.

 Elohim parrs her sleek vocal stylings with entrancing synths dance uptempo beats. What starts off as a moody slow ballad quickly flips a 180 and produces its darker sounds into light on thee other end of the tunnel electronic symphony.

“I’m Lost” comes along with a psychedelic eye-gasmic musique video. Produced by fellow recurring collaborative artist, Chase O’Black. Recorded and directed during this COVID19 virus pandemic.

Experimental would be quite an understatement. We've had such masterful pioneering new musique this year in 2020 already. Amidst the current state of the world's scary crisis. But art cannot and will not be stopped. "I’m Lost" is a planet all on its own. Elohim said the following about the explosive project: "I was playing these bizarre parts using manipulated synths and quite literally lost myself in the process for a moment. The sounds and keyboard parts, the whole experience, took me to another planet."

Get into thee Elohim groove with ItsNotYouItsMe Media with our latest hit parade! Thee inescapable and razzle-dazzle radical affair, "I’m Lost" featured right below!

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