Allow Us To Introduce You To Confidence Man & DJ Yuksek's Saucy-Jazzed Up Dance Disco Tune "Gorgeous"!

Allow us to introduce you to Confidence Man and DJ Yuksek's saucy-jazzed up dance-disco tune "Gorgeous"!

Thee uptempo shiny dance floor ready number  has an eccentric sonically entraning melody and is the first single track off Yuksek's album. The official musique video is a psychedelic magical mystery ride trip with an animated motif, co-directed by Yuksek himself!

Confidence Man said the following about thee joint venture with thee refreshing and genre-bending producer DJ Yuksek:

"Yuksek has soundtracked some of the best days of our clubbing careers. From those early days when anything seemed possible and drinks were half the price, to the modern clubs of Ibiza. We’ve been massive fans forever so when we finally got the chance to work with him we were pinching ourselves. The end result is nothing short of gorgeous."

Confidence Man and French extraordinaire Yuksek has got us bumpin and grinding from left to right. Dipping it into the boogie, drenched all in honey.

A disco-pop perfection dreamsicle. This particular tune has  a remix that elevates the track another mesmerizing frequency. Entitled as a, (Extended Disco Mix).

Get into thee Confidence Man and DJ Yuksek groove. With ItsNotYouItsMe latest latest hit parade. Thee inescapable pulsating "Gorgeous" remix featured right below!

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