Spice Girl Legend Mel C Spills The 411 How The Gals Got Their Nicknames & How Britney Was Given 'Broccoli Spears'!

Spice Girl legend Sporty Spice is unleashing thee 411 spilling all the yummy facts about the late 90s musical scene. The Spice Girls had their legendary costume names in a brand new interview.

Courtesy of The Babble podcast. The Pop icon said the nicknames manifested from a quite unexcepted place, saying the following to host Matty J:

“Well it’s really weird because you know Top Of The Pops, right? Such a famous show and they have a magazine. And they just used to do some silly thing at the front of the magazine every week, they’d give like…it was Britney Spears was big at the time and they called her ‘Broccoli Spears’ and Natalie Imbruglia was ‘Natalie Umbrella Stand’ and they just had these names.”

She also specified: “One week, they put a spice rack and they gave us these names and they just stuck, and that was it! We kind of embraced them and in the States that’s how people know us, they don’t even know our real names. It was really it was a fun thing, we loved it because I think we really became caricatures of our actual selves and out and those nicknames help that.”

Sporty Spice of course became her notorious name. Along with co gals Victoria Beckham as Posh Spice, Mel B as Scary Spice, Geri Halliwell as Ginger Spice, and Emma Bunton as Baby Spice. The rest of pop history glory!

Dig out a stellar archive of an eclectic mega-mix of Top Of The Pops featured right below.

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