Allow Us To Introduce You Too Will Saul & His Ginchy-Stellar Saucy Tune "Your Time Is Up"!

 Allow us to introduce you to Brit boy wonder, DJ Producer Will Saul along with thee historic 'Aus Music' label with a ginchy saucy cover of the 1990 dance-techno "Your Time Is Up"!

Mister Saul pays tribute to one of his preferred tunes with this cover. An underground hit for artist Yolanda on the Underground Resistance label.

Will said the following about the dance floor ready project on his FB:

"To have the artistic licence to play homage to such a seminal track was nothing short of life affirming to be honest. Huge thanks to Mike, Cornelius and UR for their blessing and permission for this cover. Design and Art Direction by Trevor Jackson who needs no introduction at all and as a huge fan I'm honored to get the chance to work with him. Needless to say I'm very proud of this one for many many reasons :)"

Without further ado. Get into thee groove. With ItsNotYouItsMe Media latest hit parade. Thee eargasmic hypnotizing upbeat song "Your Time Is Up" featured right below!

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