Al Green Is Astounded & Wishes To Discover The Mastermind Behind Walgreens Practical Joke!

Al Green  is astounded and wishes to discover the mastermind behind Walgreens recent practical joke! Thee hilarious clever brain juice who's responsible for Walgreens prank is still a mystery.

Here's what happened. A Walgreens sign was made over with a new look eventually making it's way onto what else, social media. Al Green  caught wind of the silly news because he was the theme of it all.

Thee viral photo op shows the "W" in the pharmacy's title with a photo of Al's face so that the sign reads "Al Green's drive thru pharmacy."

Al was tickled to his marrow. So led by his funny sunny feet. The legend said  about the prank in a tweet saying: "who did this?" inserting a laughing face emoji. Some loyal followers dipped into the fun sauce with endearing  puns.Dig it out below!

          Now open 24 hrs...whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.

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