Our Preferred Source For Hot Topic Factual News, TheBlast.Com, Have Shaken Things Up A Bit At Their Offices! (Britney Spears Edition)

Our preferred source for hot topic factual news, theblast.com. They have shakin things up a bit from serious edge cutting reporting. Today, they have unleashed their offices best of the best list of Britney Spears most iconic musique videos to date!

"Britney Spears has been topping the charts with her music and delivering nonstop hits for over two decades, and back when music videos were still a big deal, few delivered more iconic moments as the Princess of Pop.

Taking a look back at some of the biggest music video moments in Britney's career -- from "Hit Me Baby One More Time," to "I'm A Slave 4 U," the singer never ceased to amaze fans with her ability to show growth as both an artist and a woman.

"Oops! ...I Did It Again" was a big moment in Britney's career as it served as the title track for her 2nd studio album with the same name. Making its debut in the year 2000, the music video embodied everything about the turn of the millennium, including Britney sporting a skintight red jumpsuit and dancing around on Mars while making references to Leonardo DiCaprio's 1997 blockbuster movie, "Titanic."

"Oops! ...I Did It Again" was also nominated for 4 awards at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards; including Best Female Video, Best Dance Video, the Best Pop Video, and the Viewer's Choice Award.

"(You Drive Me) Crazy" was released in 1999 and appeared as a track on Britney's debut album, "...Baby One More Time." Filmed in Redondo Beach, CA, Britney actually conceptualized the plot for the video, later explaining to MTV, "It would be cool to be in a club, and we're dorky waitresses, and we break out and start dancing."

Also featured in the feature film, "Drive Me Crazy," both Adrian Grenier and Melissa Joan Hart made cameo appearances in the music video.

"I'm a Slave 4 U" was the lead track for Britney's third studio album, which was self-titled as "Britney." Released in 2001, the song and video showed off a mature Britney with sex-appeal on overdrive! The video was filmed on a soundstage in Universal City and choreographed by Wade Robson and Prince's ex-wife, Mayte Garcia.

The video made a world premiere on MTV's "Making the Video" and became an instant hit. "I'm a Slave 4 U" also revealed Britney's style to be heavily influenced by Janet Jackson.

"Lucky" was the second lead single on Britney's second studio album, "Oops!... I Did It Again." The song and video hold emotional value for fans, as they both appear to mimic Spears' real-life career of shooting to stardom.

Following a fictional starlet named, Lucky, Spears depicts someone who gets all their greatest fantasies answered but still is unable to find true happiness or love. The story is hauntingly similar to what many believe is happening in Britney's real life, as she remains isolated away and under the strict constraints of her ongoing conservatorship.

The video, which was released in 2000, was shot at Ren-Mar Studios in Hollywood, California.

"Circus" debuted as the second single of Britney's self-titled album and the video was shot in 2008 in Los Angeles. "Circus" was extremely important to Britney's career as it marked her return to music following a 5150 hospitalization at an L.A. psychiatric ward during a nasty custody war with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The iconic music video displayed the power Britney still had inside and showcased her handling the "Circus" of life while wearing a ringmaster jacket and surrounded by lions, tigers and bears ... oh my!

"Stronger" was featured on the "Oops! ...I Did It Again" album and the video was directed in 2000 at the Syncro Aviation Hangar at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. Director Joseph Kahn later revealed that Britney outlined the concept for the stylized video herself, giving him "three elements" to work with:

"I would like to dance in a chair and drive in a car and break up with [my] boyfriend."

Following along with Britney's love for Janet Jackson, the video and chair sequence for "Stronger" was heavily influenced by the singer.

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