Dig Out "Jane The Virgin" Actor Jaime Camil & His Astounding Recreation Of His Magazine Cover 16 Years After!

Daddy to the visual rescue. Superstar actor Jaime Camil (Jane The Virgin, Broke) dipped his impeccable genes by recreating his own photoshoot from 16 years ago.

In 2004 Jaime was 31. He was named one of “Mexico’s Sexiest Men” courtesy of Quién Magazine. Now Jaime is stepping back into his stripping  bag of tricks.

In celebration of the magazine’s anniversary. Jaime said the following about when Quién approached him:

“The first time I heard the proposal I was terrified, I said: ‘I am no longer of age, I am already a man, I already have two children…” Then I started to think and said: ‘Why not?’ [Jaime] accepted, but on the condition that we [Quién] give him time to train.

Dig out an age-progression visual clip to coincided with this special release!

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