Thee Once Impenetrable Club Berghain, Opens Its Doors To Host Contemporary Art Exhibition!

Thee Once Impenetrable Club Berghain, Opens Its Doors To Host Contemporary Art Exhibition!

“What happens in Berghain stays in Berghain” the paraphrase borrowed from the wildly famous Las Vegas-related quote gained a whole new connotation over the past couple of years and became way more mythical and desired than the original one. Berghain’s mysticism managed to stay alive for two big reasons, a really tough door policy that became somewhat of urban legend with countless theories and even a video game trying to provide tips on how to get in and the “anything-goes” policy of the club once you get inside, and “anything” means literally “anything”. Been there, done that.

Unfortunately in the light of recent events (read COVID-19) the Berlin night scene is struggling. Even with great financial support from the government, the clubs are still in need of income to be able to survive. Alternative solutions to keep clubs open are vital, some clubs are renting their spaces, others like Berghain adopt a more transformative and family-friendly approach. Thus, for once, Berghain temporarily reopens its doors to give the simple mortals a chance to step inside and enjoy the space within a different context. An art exhibition, to be more precise.

Named Studio Berlin, the exhibition, created in collaboration with the art collector Christian Boros, features a curated selection of over 80 works by artists living or working in Berlin. The works of Wolfgang Tillmans, Olafur Eliasson, and Tacita Dean, just to name a few will span photography, sculpture, performance, sound, video, and installation. So if you don’t have plans this summer, don’t miss the chance to take your grandma on a contemporary art tour through the famous Berghain’s darkrooms.

Studio Berlin
Am Wriezener Bahnhof
Berlin 10243
Germany." -

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