Accessories Aren’t Just for Women: A Male Guide to Accessorizing

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. In the past, accessories have typically been aimed at women, with adverts making links between jewelry and femininity. Now, however, the range of men’s jewelry and accessories is almost as large as it is for women.

Around the globe, plenty of men seek to achieve glamorous and fashionable looks. Stores and online suppliers have tapped into this growing trend. Places such as Diamonds on Richmond in Auckland have specific sections for glamorous masculine jewelry pieces, and stores like J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, and H&M offer a range of colorful ties, rings, suspenders, etc.

With the right accessories, any outfit can stand out. From classy shoes and bags to necklaces and diamond rings, men have more choice than ever before. Here, we’re covering which accessories are wardrobe essentials for men, and how diamonds can also be a man’s best friend.

Simple Accessories

Scarf Embellishments
Scarves can work well with any outfit. While their functional purpose is to keep individuals warm, they are commonly used to jazz up an outfit.

With a colorful scarf, an outfit can immediately be turned from dowdy to bright. For men, a classic scarf can work with either work or smart casual home wear. If you are more adventurous however, something bright won’t go unnoticed.

Stylish Belts
As with scarves, belts have a function. However, as fashion has developed throughout the millennium, belts have become an important accessory.

Whether you simply want a classic look or a highly bedazzled waist, a belt collection is a wardrobe must have. For men, anything from classy leather and simple weaves to bright colors and diamante sparkles can make an outfit stand out.

Raising the Price

Fashionable Bags
Many bags are designed specifically for men, or are at least unisex. Business bags, smart shoulder bags, and even handbags are available on the market for men.

A bag is not only useful, but highly fashionable. If you choose the right style to match your outfit and your own tastes, you can instantly improve and enhance your look.

Chic Shoes
Shoes are a necessary part of everyday life, but why be just functional when you can add flair and look smart or fun? Plain sneakers and leather shoes are functional and smart, but if you buy the wrong pair, they won’t enhance your outfit.

If you have an outgoing, fresh style, then colorful shoes and quirky designs are the way to go. If you’re more reserved and have to wear business clothes, then smart leather or suede in varying designs will work well for you.

Diamonds and Jewels

Dazzling Adornments
Every man should own a chain necklace to spice up outfits with. Whether slim and stylish or a thick statement piece, you can’t go wrong with a chain. From simple styles to dazzling overlays, there’s more than one way to stand out from the crowd.

Bracelets are also a useful accessory to own. In this case, simple is often best, with leather numbers and torque bracelets looking particularly on-point. For men who seek to look fashionable but not overly embellished, a bracelet can do the trick.

Diamond Indulgence
Earrings for men often make bold statements, so they are less popular than other jewelry pieces. However, this is where diamond jewelry truly shines. A glittering earring or two can be stylish if you like to show off.

Traditionally, women have been the ones to wear spectacular rings. Now, men can access an array of glittering styles for fashionable and functional purposes.

Which Accessories Will You Choose?
From diamond encrusted wedding rings to jeweled dress pieces and elegant casual accessories, there’s plenty of choice. Diamonds and embellished rings most definitely aren’t for women only!" -

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