It's Never Too Late Yall! One Year Later, Tinashe Re-Releases Her 2019 Underground Hit ‘Die A Little Bit' With A Remix By ZHU!

It's never too late yall! One year later, Tinashe re-releases her 2019 underground hit ‘Die A Little Bit'. Along with a helping hand from musician producer ZHU.

Adding his signature cake batter sweetness to this remix has Tinashe breaking it down like the force of nature that she is. Thee original studio edit is a sexy groovy super-nova vibration. While‘Die a Little Bit ZHU Remix’ featuring Ms Banks is a lightning bolt of endless dancing ecstacy.

In the newly updated video, the singer can be seen dancing in a large room surrounded by multiple yummy sleek and moody background screens. Tinashe explodes unleashing a juggernaut series of intricate impeccable choreography. Looking ever so flawless and aesthetically decadent.

Matching in a splendid blue metallic and black color-blocking wonderland motif.  Tinashe is just serving desert and dinner in one with no understatement what so ever. 

Dig out thee spectacular renewed fireworks for ‘Die A Little Bit' the ZHU remix featured right below!

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