Dig Out Musique Master Lenny Kravitz Declaring Fans 2 Think About ‘What Side Of History You Standing On?’ On NPR Tiny Desk!

Dig out musique master Lenny Kravitz declaring fans 2 ponder about ‘What Side Of History You Standing On?’ on a new NPR Tiny Desk! Lenny shook rattled and rolled thee online series new social distance friendly episode.

He strutted songs “What Did I Do With My Life?,” “Thinking of You,” off his 1998 record, "5". Lenny curtain called thee gig with a rousing emotional take on our preferred song  “We Can Get It All Together” off his stellar 2018 album, Raise Vibration.

Thee backdrop destination took place in beautiful Bahamas.  Dig out thee virtually ginchy groovy set of Lenny Kravitz's right below!

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