ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Thursday Vocals" Features A Stellar Dance Tune From Sad Money x Kaskade. Plus A Juggernaut Spitfire Song Courtesy Of Gal Group Loona!

ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Thursday Vocals" features a stellar dance tune from Sad Money x Kaskade. Plus a juggernaut spitfire song courtesy of gal group Loona!

"A slick, infectious club track, ‘Come Away‘ combines a deep, funky bassline with fluttering melodies and the seductive vocals of Latino singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio.

“Sabrina and I have been working together since the beginning,” Sad Money explains.

“I figured fans would expect something chill and vibey like our previous work, so we decided to do something totally unexpected. Kaskade is super down to earth and you can’t say that with a lot of legends. He really brought the song together by fixing the arrangement and adding his touch on the production that gave the song a crisp polish. " -

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""Do not accept the fate of the moon. Get off the track. Reveal to the world the hidden side. Burn yourself." So says the call-to-action of an opening voiceover that kicks off LOONA’s music video for new song “So What,” out today (Feb. 5).

A rambunctious, high-energy dance track that is propelled by pulsating bass and exuberant, empowering shouts -- and a standout bridge -- from the members of LOONA, “So What” spends its time urging listeners to be themselves, by being “so bad’ and fearless. It follows in the vein of other LOONA songs, such as last year’s “Butterfly,” to empower the act’s listeners to be their own people and do their own thing.

Fitting the brash sound, the music video for “So What” turns the members of LOONA -- sans Haseul, who is unfortunately sitting out the release due to mental health-related issues -- into fierce fashionistas.

The 11 members perform the song's choreography in stylish red-and- leather militaristic and vibrant jean looks, each rocking her own distinct style during various scenes. The act's dynamic performance style is put front-and-center, with their sleek and powerful dance moves emphasized throughout the track while they set fire to the moon. “So What” fronts the release of LOONA’s [#] EP. According to the description of the album featured on the YouTube page for the single’s music video, “[#] does not mean much when it is used alone, but it means that when # is used in combination with words or letters, they realize the result of a multi-use combination when they are together, just as they perform a special function or great ability.”

Along with “So What,” the album was shared today on digital streaming platforms with five other tracks, including the previously-released “365.” The release notably was produced in collaboration with Lee Sooman, the founder of K-pop “Big 3” agency SM Entertainment.

[#] is LOONA’s third album, following 2018’s [+ +] and last year’s [X X], each of which peaked at No. 4 on the World Albums charts. Watch the music video for LOONA’s “So What” below. " -

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