The Gender-Fluid Tale Of Brand ODOR Imbues A Poignant Spirit

"Defined as the literal connotation of smell, ODOR is a brand that epitomizes a hint of the ephemeral, landing itself as provocative as emotions and associations could get. Nikita Kalmykov, brand’s founder, thrives his key inspiration from The Victorian era when considering focal aesthetics, birthing a style that marries Soviet times with voluminous tailoring.

The collection features avant-garde fabrics and broad, slouchy fabrications that appear as an avalanche of details derived from the 1920s by his great-grandmother. No romantic dresses were constructed from these fabrics, as one could probably expect, however, spacious shirts and men’s underwear are the key characteristics and burgeon the intimacy of Kalmykov’s creative practice. Poignancy’s yours for the taking asserted.



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