Hot Hot Flashback! Live Sets Are Taking Thee Planet By Storm During These Quarantine Times. Latest Super Artist Up To Bat...Senor Beck!

Hot hot flashback! As live sets are taking thee planet by storm during these quarantine times. Thee latest superhuman artist up to bat is the one and only senor Beck!

Beck has added himself to the manifesting list of artists who've unleashed a live set from the past now currently available for streaming pleasure. You can dig out his 2018 gig from "We Love Green Festival" held in France.

Thee 12 song setlist sees Beck jazz out a razzle dazzle number of legendary tunes both past and present. Over 50 glorifying minutes sending shivers up your backbones. Its a pure glimpse and complete comprehension as to why he is one of the most stellar live performers at this point in his career, hailing from the 1990s.

We had thee enjoyment to catch Beck live in person earlier this year right before the pandemic hit as he performed at thee "Let's Go Crazy: The GRAMMY Salute To Prince" strutting his best rendition of “Raspberry Beret”.

Thee following excerpt was posted via FB:

“You might know him thanks to “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometimes”: this afternoon, discover Beck like you’ve never heard him before, and breathe life into your day with his punchy tracks.”

Get into all the Beck groove right below!


Devils Haircut
Up All Night
Mixed Bizness
Sexx Laws
Where It’s At (with “Good Times”, “Happy Birthday to You”, “Miss You”, “Cars”, “Once in a Lifetime”, “Against All O)
One Foot in the Grave (with “Where It’s At” reprise)

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