JAMIE WISE was photographed for MMSCENE Spring 2020 cover story in Los Angeles by BENJO ARWAS with styling from SHALEV LAVAN. Grooming courtesy of Nicole Chew.

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For Jamie’s MMSCENE Magazine interview and more from the cover story continue reading:

Hi Jamie, we are so glad to have you back in our magazine. You were on the cover of our very first DSCENE Magazine back in 2014. Tell us, what have you been up to since then?

I remember and it was truly an honour! I’ve been focusing on my music. I worked with producer Mitchell Kulkin on one of my songs “Stranger” and released it in on Spotify in 2019. It got placed in the HBO documentary “Wig” and was a very proud achievement of mine!

Take us back to the very beginning. How were you discovered? – I actually walked into several agencies. Every single one of them said no but one of the big agencies booked me a test shoot to see how I’d do. After getting the pictures back they said no too. I never thought of modeling or that I looked like a model until my acting agent at the time told me to try. After everyone said no I sent the pictures out to every agency in London as a last little test and next thing I knew I was flying all over the world.

My number one piece of advice is to do something outside of modeling to keep you grounded, that means when the good things happen with modeling everything stays good and when the bad things happen your life doesn’t change much

Do you remember your first photo shoot? – My first photo shoot I remember very vividly, it was a good experience and somewhat different to all my previous life experiences, I remember being directed how to pose and discovered another side to myself. I will always be thankful for this journey.

When you think about your work, what is the shoot that comes to mind and why? – There have been so many shoots and I remember each one pretty specifically. But the one where I was blown away the most by the end the result was when I worked with Mert and Marcus and Karl Templer for Interview Magazine, the pictures were just stunning.

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