Allow Us To Introduce Yall To The Groovy Group, SHOPPING & Their Stellar Fun Tune “For Your Pleasure”!

British post-punk super-duper group, Shopping, has unleashed an electrifying upbeat smokin' tune entitled “For Your Pleasure.” Thee explosively juggernaut song comes off their new album "All Or Nothing" following on the heels of thee record’s lead single “Initiative.

“‘For Your Pleasure’ focuses on thee unfortunate exasperation of certain folks in society who have chronic dissatisfaction that depends on always wanting more and more. In the words of Prince, "Maybe we're just like our mother, she's never satisfied".

Shopping released thee following sentiments about the project itself. “It’s about consumerism but also searching for meaning in life. That feeling of longing that never really goes away even when you have the things, the job, the status, or the person you thought you wanted. I think people who create music or art know what that feels like particularly.”

Thee musique video was helmed directed by Lessa Millet. Millet herself also spilled some yummy tea had about the accompanying far-out aesthetics. "When I first heard the song I immediately felt like it had this amazing gay club anthem quality. I think dressing up, looking fabulous, and going to a party to dance and be surrounded by other fabulously dressed queers and weirdos is a huge part of this community. It’s this thing that sometimes is lacking in your everyday life, but you get to have it in these special places. To feel great about who you are, and feel loved and seen and understood. I wanted the video to be honest and authentic. Everyone in the video is basically playing themselves."

Perfect on a treadmill or for a night out on the town playing as your soundtrack, “For Your Pleasure” is most definitely thee intrusive kind of rockin' rad disobedience we fully ecstatically embrace. The song keeps a consistent fever pitch high melody throughout thee verses and choruses. A pulsating mind-bending experience. Decorated with lavish finessed synths. It's a catchy cool breeze with a hard banging rage of a misfit.

Without further ado. Get into thee SHOPPING groove. With team ItsNotYouItsMe and our latest hit parade, thee entrancing “For Your Pleasure”!

Dig out another stellar track, "All Or Nothing".

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