Dig Out Incubus & Their Astronomical, Far-Out, Outer Space Affair In Their New Musique Video For "Our Love"!

We may have just spent last week at the opening shindig for thee LA ART SHOW extravaganza with thee hunky-dory lead singer Brando Boyd of the groovy band Incubus. Thee masters and heroes of alternative-rock have unleashed an ethereally beautiful brand new tune entitled 'Our Love'. Thee surrealist/sci-fi-esque affair is drenched with exuberant bold-colored visuals both hypnotizing and entrancing.

A naturally scientific study of love. Where one must never wait for authentic love to procreate. Lyrical thesis with such poignant and powerful words such as; "Just beneath the skin, always reminded. You can only live so long as a fake. Picking me up, the sound. Get your knee off the ground. They can't hold us back forever. 'Cause our love's not hiding anymore. Time is wearing thin, let our love begin."

A celestially phenomenal song. Using chemistry in order to explain the origin and evolution of love. The equally phenomenal musique video finds objects floating around including planets, moons, stars, nebulas, galaxies, and comets. Behind a desert setting, you'll quickly find yourself in a mushroom wonderland. Psychedelic and outer space is the name of this trippy game.

Without further ado. Get into thee Incubus groove. With ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade, thee dippy fun, "Our Love" featured right below!


00:00 "Program Start"
00:25 "Pardon Me"
04:40 "Stellar"
07:55 "Glass"
11:55 "Circles"
16:05 "The Warmth"
20:30 "Mexico"
25:10 "Drive"
29:10 "Warning"
34:20 "New Skin"
38:40 "Just a Phase"
43:55 "Nice to Know You"
48:50 "Wish You Were Here".

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