Careful What You Wish For Cause You Just Got It! Seasoned Divas The Pussycat Dolls Set Ablaze Strutting Medley & New Single On "Saturday Night Takeaway" With A Hilarious Twist Ending!

Seasoned goddesses and all-around playful legend Divas, The Pussycat Dolls, sparked sizzled and pizzazz in an earth-shattering and fire escape worthy performance on thee‘Ant & Dec’s Saturday Takeaway’ show this very past weekend.

Thee uber-popular and fantastic UK program are ratings smash overseas. Thee bionic performers unleashed a memorable medley along with their current new single ‘React.’

A catalog worthy of throwing an evening of sexy flirty dance fun on a night out on the town. Thee dazzling gals dusted off their boogie boots once again since debuting their first performance n 10 years back in December of 2019.

However, what really added thee maraschino cherry on top was thee addition of both hilarious comic hosts. Adding a joyous and silly performance art piece element to the live show really initiated an authentic audience grabber. A marketing promo triumphant ditty indeed.

Dig out all the heat right below!

Here's a yummy bonus video! The Pussycat Dolls pounced with potency on ‘The One Show’ tonight. Nicole Scherzinger and the gals strutted theire new single ‘React,’ on thee "The One Show".

The high-octane showing comes as the quintet gear up for their ‘Unfinished Business Tour,’ which kicks off in April.

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