Dig Out Beck’s Super Stellar Performance On Jimmy Kimmel Performing A New Song ‘Uneventful Days’ Off His New Record "Hyperspace"!

Dig out Beck's super stellar performance on Jimmy Kimmel offering a brand new spanking song entitled ‘Uneventful Days’ off his new record "Hyperspace"!

"Beck delivered a clever rendition of his Hyperspace single “Uneventful Days” Tuesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with the singer turning the late-night show’s studio into his own music video set.

For the performance, Beck employed a video backdrop, a camera fixed to a circular track and a mock cubicle to go on a journey from the everyday mundane to the cosmic in a scant three minutes.

Beck opened the performance by simply singing “Uneventful Days” in a cubicle complete with a “Hang in There” poster. The cubicle walls were then stripped away and the camera followed as he floated around his band for a few laps before returning to his boring cubicle — only now his “Hang in There” read “Just Give Up!”

Beck’s Hyperspace, featuring Pharrell Williams handling a lion’s share of the production, arrived November 22nd. In the lead-up to the release, Beck performed a medley of Prince songs at Paisley Park, talked about briefly meeting Prince and revealed he is no longer Scientologist.


"Uneventful days, uneventful nights
Living in that dark, waiting for the light
Caught up in these neverending battle lines
Everything has changed and nothing it feels right
I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know it's gone
I know, I know, I know it's gone
Ooh yeah
Neverending days, neverending nights
Everything I say, I know I can't get right
It means definitely more to me than life
You might know my name, you don't know my mind
I don't even know what's wrong (the days without you)
Ever since you've been gone
Only ten minutes to go (leave me cold and alone)
I don't even know how
Everything that we're told
Found my way without you (no no no)
I know where we belong
(I don't wanna hurt you, I don't wanna hurt you)
Gonna leave me al-
Uneventful days,…"

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