Dig Out This Thanksgiving, Because We Adore Yall! Singer Maisie Peters Ethreally Endearing Fresh New Tune "I Adore You"!

Dig out rising pop kitten Maisie Peters brand new spanking single "I Adore You". Hailing from thee wondrous skylines of Britain. Thee English Starlite has unleashed a marvelous eccentric musique video to go along with thee equally enchanting song.

Off her freshly new EP, "It's Your Bed Babe, It's Your Funeral",thee catchy euphoric love song will have you humming beautiful melodies in your head all day.

Maisie herself shared the following about the glorious track: "I wrote Adore You in the last songwriting session I did in 2018, with my friend Fred (who I also write Worst of You and In My Head with). It really was just us having loads of fun and not thinking about anything too hard; we really just wanted to make a bop with only two chords. I shot the music video a week ago to the day I released it; the morning we shot it I actually took the Eurostar at 6am so it's a miracle I look even vaguely presentable (shoutout make artists we do not deserve you), and a miracle it came out as fucking AMAZING as it did I have everyone who worked on it to thank for that. It's my fav video I've ever done, and I hope u guys love it like I do. Also, my mannequin boyfriend is called Ethan Derek and he is a star in the making thank you very much."

Wait no longer and fall enamored with the lustful "I Adore You" right below!

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