Dig Out Mura Masa's Electrifying Tune "Deal Wiv It" Feat. Thee Provocative And Yummy Rapper slowthai!

Electronic artist/producer Mura Masa collaborates with thee provocative and yummy British rapper slowthai on thee tantalizing single “Deal Wiv It”. Thee fun funky uptempo tune revolves around the theme about how to respond to a person who tells you that you’ve changed.

slowthai takes ahold of thee memorable catchy chorus with his usual gust and rebel ways.  The verses are entwined with heavy stellar bass and ferocious guitar grooves. Gritty and emboldening, Mura Masa and slowthai deliver quite thee rambunctious and in your face appeal.

Thee Yoni Lappin directed musique video for “Deal Wiv It.” had Mura Masa saying the following about thee project: “They are all people whom I’m a huge fan of. Lots of record labels always try to pair people together and see what happens but I’ve always said no to that.

 I always make a list of people who I’d love to work with, but if I’m lucky, they would reach out to me. However, it is important that collaborators are also a fan of my music, otherwise, their heart isn’t really in it. There are so many good artists right now.” He continued saying:

“Whenever I create something, I always beat myself down and strive to be better. Don’t settle and there’s always something you could improve on. Look for and stay being interested in new stuff. My sappy emotional tip: make music you think is really really cool. There are a lot of people who think too much about what people like these days, but people just want to hear new stuff. My practical tip is for artists to follow some blogs and find some new, up to date music. Pop producers, especially, need to know what is happening underground.”

Without further ado get in thee Mura Masa groove and press play on today's ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade with hottie mctoddie slowthai featured right below!

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