Dig Out Björk's Unveiling Of Her Utopia Box Set Including 14 Handmade Birdcall Flutes!

Queen Bjork has taken her most recent record Utopia to new heights! Yet again on tour,  with her immersive futuristic Cornucopia show, with a fresh new theatrical stage show. Call it the year of the flute. Well, at least we are.

With the likes of Lizzo showcasing her razzle-dazzle love for thee piercing instrument, but now Bjork's reissuing her album with a new deluxe box set featuring 14 handmade birdcall flutes individually selected by Björk herself. It will be released via One Little Indian on November 1 and will cost £500.

Thee following  is what she has divulged in a press release:

utopia is so much about birdsong and sonically the mutation between synth/bird, bird/flute, flute/synth ……. air like that was a theme through all of the albums. so I got very excited when I found these handmade wooden flutes imitating precisely particular birds . and I guess wanted you guys to have an opportunity to share that with me …….. enjoy !!!

Dig out thee collaboration with French company "Quelle est Belle", and unveil thee latest innovative box set. With intricate designs and tinted side panels designed by M/M (Paris), watch an unboxing video announcing the box set right below!

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