Allow Us To Introduce You Musique-Bots To Stellar Singer-Songwriter Tones And I...& Her Funky Groovy Tune "Dance Monkey"!

With an incredibly far-out and ultra memorable unique voice, allow us to introduce you too Toni Watson better known as Tones and I. A groovy Aussie singer-songwriter, poptastic songstress. She unleashed a yummy funky tune entitled, "Dance Monkey", and has thus far climbed to thee number one spot on thee Australian and Norwegian charts.

Off her debut EP The Kids Are Coming, "Dance Monkey" is a super-sonic powerhouse tune filled with dancey hypnotizing sections. Staring off at a rocky steady pace during its opening verses, the song slowly burns to a pulsating build, reaching a fever pitch high once the chorus drops.

The tunes theme deals with the expectations that are placed on musical performers. Singing, “And you just beg to see me dance just one more time.” Tones and I has said about the single in a press release: “I wrote this song about being a busker and realizing that you can definitely see people are so entertained now by the click of a button or a swipe.

"There was a lot of times when I was busking there were a lot of people in your face, like ‘More, more! Go again, again, again!' ...The patience had diminished. The quick changeovers were what you need to do on the street now. You have to be quick... get on with the song."

We are under her spell. And with our musical paws high up in thee air, let's get into the Tones and I groove with ItsNotYouItsme latest hit parade with thee phenomenal electric tune, "Dance Monkey"!

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