Dig Out Thee Saucy-Stellar British Rock Band "LIFE"!

LIFE are a British rock band consisting of brothers, Mez Sanders-Green (lead vocalist) and Mick Sanders (guitar). Their new album entitiled  A Picture Of Good Health, coming out in September. The brand new spanking tune,  “Hollow Thing” is racy sleek edgy British pop-rock number full with an energetic chorus and spicy verses.

“Hollow Thing” is described by Mez Sanders-Green spills more deets on the tune’s significance:

"“Hollow Thing” is about letting go of something in your life, something that’s dead ‘wait for the past to fade, wait for that hollow thing’ and then no matter how hard it is you can and will move on ‘wade through a sea of beige, choke on great clods of dirt’. “Hollow Thing” is about overcoming isolation and realizing your self-worth ‘I look much better than you, I love much deeper too.’

Dig out thee deliciously voracious “Hollow Thing” by thee electrical and stellar boys of LIFE.

01 “Good Health”
02 “Moral Fibre”
03 “Bum Hour”
04 “Hollow Thing”
05 “Excites Me”
06 “Never Love Again”
07 “Half Pint Fatherhood”
08 “Grown Up”
09 “Niceties”
10 “Thoughts”
11 “It’s A Con”
12 “Don’t Give Up Yet
13 “New Rose in Love”

A Picture Of Good Health is out 9/20 via Afghan Moon and [PIAS]."

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