Allow Us To Introduce You Musique-Friends To British House Experimental Artist Redlight & His Funky Groovy New Tune "Charge Up"

Allow us to introduce you musique-friends to British House Garage Experimental artist Redlight and his funky groovy new tune "Charge Up". Hailing from Bristol, and distributed via his record Label
Lobster Boy/Polydor Records, the smashing tune features fellow musique creator Asabe.

Redlight has unleashed an impeccable dance floor ready number perfect to get your adrenaline going. "Charge Up" is a slice of house heaven with a pulsating and equally electrifying lyrical thesis. British electronic musique this year hasn't sounded more euphoric with a sharper edge and harder melodic verses.

Once the tune reaches its chorus climax there's no escaping the rhythm. The beat will seep into your bloodstream overtaking each and every organ, muscle, joint, and bone. A surefire bonafide hit, there's nowhere you can run too but to your nearest disco-lit floor, wherever that may be!

Just as the lyrics go, it's a push level compressor, it brings the heat and the pleasure. This tune is all finesse on the beat. Expressed and connected on the beat! And as Redlight confesses, he doesn't do this to impress you. It's a style, it's a need!

So without further ado get into the Redlight groove with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade "Charge Up" featured right below!

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