ItsNotYouItsMe Favorites YACHT Have Unleashed A Super Stellar New Single Entitled “(Downtown) Dancing”

ItsNotYouItsMe favorites, the group YACHT have unleashed a super stellar new single entitled “(Downtown) Dancing"! It's been four years since thee funky far-out band released their last record, thee underground iconic "I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler."

Thee L.A. indie rock dancers have proven once again their staying and innovative power with their new smash "(Downtown) Dancing.” Thee single is the first serving from their upcoming project. “(Downtown) Dancing,” is also showcasing a three-person group rather thee than original 2 person lineup.  Now, YACHT consist of former touring member Rob “Bobby Birdman” Kieswetter wrote lyrics, composed the melodies, and assisted with the sound design.

The tune also comes with a new lyric video produced by the visual artist designer Barney McCann. It uses making use of McCann’s AI-powered typeface “Obsolete.”  The group shared the tea in form of a press release saying: “His typeface is a fluid expression of that neural network’s attempts to find the most efficient path from one latter to the next in any given sentence. The result is amorphous and rough-hewn text, a glimpse into computational processes usually hidden from view.”

Groovy Vocalist Claire Evans spills when her bandmates began experimenting with A.I. while trying to find new material within their back catalog. “We hoped that this would result in songs that had that indefinable YACHT feeling, which we don’t know how to quantify and I don’t think the model can, either,” Claire says.

Without further ado get into the YACHT groove and their brand spanking new single A.I. single tune“(Downtown) Dancing” right below!

Now available on 12″ vinyl via DFA Records. The vinyl includes two alternate versions of the track.

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