Pamela Anderson | 60 Minutes Australia

Blonde Bombshell and all around and alluring exhuberant silly gal Pamela Anderson makes a noisy splash on a new series episode of 60 Minutes Australia. Twenty-five years ago, a  red swimsuit wearing gorgeous beach babe chnaged 90's TV forever

.Pamela Anderson entered worldwide fame while most of the rest of the planet couldn’t keep their eyes off her on Baywatch. However it's now in her later years, that her raw smart inspirational candor is what truly showcases Anderson's extraordinary beauty.

Her tireless commitment to animal rights. Not to mention her worldly social justice issues. Anderson is a genuinely powerful political mover and shaker. With leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin wilding out to take her calls. Plus her is kooky friendship/love affair with the Australian founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.

But don't let her fool you. She is enormously and organically sexy tart and real coy without trying hard not one bit. She exudes smoky confidence that is both endearing and eccentric.

Dig out the impeccably well produced and edited 60 Minutes Australia with the one and only Pamela Anderson.

A past blast from just a couple of Pamela's 90's iconic musical endeavors.

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