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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Dig Out IDLES “Samaritans” Musique Video!

What's better than a giant punk middle finger towards toxic barbaric narrow-minded masculinity societal ideals. Well, it's a beautiful montage of beautiful boys enjoying the company of other beautiful boys. An exquisite musique video for such a simple basic punk ditty. While we must admit this song by the group Idles entitled "Samaritans" isn't our favorite but once you press play on thee aesthetics, you'll realize, it's what you needed today!

The political commentary and boisterous fast fun jagged post-punk tune feature the Bristol punks sharing a peek to their newly unleashed album Joy As An Act Of Resistance. “Samaritans,” described by the band as a battling the toxic elements of the world, singer Joe Talbot holds nothing back yelling, “Grow some balls!” and “This is why you never see your father cry!” and “I kissed a boy and I liked it!”. By a virtue of conviction, raw honesty and intensity, lead Talbot explained with more:

"There’s been a long line of bullshit that has pushed men into a corner, where simple masking becomes a trope of masculinity and a catalyst for insanity. What we wear, what we eat, what razor we use, high performance chewing gum, go faster shampoo, how we treat women, how we treat ourselves, how we die. I truly believe that masculinity has gone from an evolution of cultural praxis to a disease. I wanted to encourage a conversation about gender roles by writing this song."

Bravo! Bravissimo! Brava! There you have it. Here's another warrior of the light amongst us. Dig out the candy dandy “Samaritans” below!

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