Tuesday, May 1, 2018

French DJ Producer Michael Calfan 'On You' By Sammy Rawal

Allow us to introduce all you bad-ass dancing machine bunnies to French DJ and house music producer from Paris Michael Calfan! His super-stylish stellar new single 'On You' is a dance floor ready jam complete with a perfect visual parring.

Directed by Canadian music video, commercial director, and photographer Sammy Rawal, both brilliant artists create a utopian planet full of bold sunny yummy colors and movement complete with equally beautiful art direction, set-ups, and choreography.

There are gif-like loops inspired by Michael's musique production of the tune so the director went for a visual representation of the overall musical structure by using loops and repetition of body movements. Rawal furthure explains, "I wanted the overall edit to feel like a metronome that parallels the BPM and tempo of the track...”

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