Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's German-Canadian-English Singer And Songwriter, Alice Merton!!!

Allow us to introduce you honey rockers to German-Canadian-English singer and songwriter, Alice Merton. Born September 13, 1993, Merton unleashed a groovy ditty with her fantastic debut achieving underground and mainstream success with her tune, "No Roots" last year. The single was released in the UK joining BBC Radio's playlist and also reaching #1 in France.

Now she's back with a ferocious uptempo pop-rock gem “Lash Out”. Finding that stable, Merton says, “Being an artist and a human in this world always means confronting people who make you feel like you have to act according to their rules. Like most people, I wanted and still want to live by my own rules. The idea, or, if you like, the need, to write and record 'Lash Out' was born of a feeling within me."

“Lash Out” is an impeccable follow-up single to "No Roots." Both which are included on Merton's new EP, also entitled "No Roots" which has just been unleashed on digital platforms.

She's a little Debbie Harry, The Gogo's, Juliana Hatfield, Hilary Duff, Pink, and a whole lotta alternative/pop/soul- rock sonics!

Here's Alice's stellar gnarly performance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” performing “No Roots!” You'll get a real glimpse at her smoky transcendent vocals while sashaying through the mini-stage in a true honey rocker way...

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