Friday, March 23, 2018

"Tattooed In Reverse" Is Marilyn Manson

Once upon a tragic time 20 years ago, growing up we had concert tickets to see Marilyn Manson and Hole on their joint tour. But to our mortification, Marilyn and Courtney Love couldn't stay out of each other's hair, fighting and bickering behind the scenes. It eventually led to the cancellation of thee entire tour prematurely. Alas 20 years in the future, now the present, Manson this time around is playing nice with Courtney.

In a perfect setting for the duo, Miss Love plays nurse, and her role is pretty much pushing Marilyn in his wheelchair through the hallways of an asylum. Did we not say impeccable setting?

The main plot of the video involves Manson and an entire gang of swag-surfing extra thirsty mofo's in fencing masks menacing a young lady. Conjuring ritualistic rites that eventually transform her into a lap-dancing asylum inmate.

Watch Manson in all his 90's reminiscent shock-rock ways.

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