Musical Guest Camila Cabello Performs New Single 'Never Be The Same' On Fallon!

Pop Kitten Camila Cabello shines in glitter and sequins like an impeccable my little pony brought to life on the Tonight Show, live-action style! Manifesting ever more maturely by the day, Camilla seductively strutted her first performance of new her tune, ‘Never Be The Same’.

A sleek ensemble, parred to sparkle with her unique vocal tone and not to mention her stellar clips of Marilyn Monroe, spiral galaxies, weather reactions, and herself playing in the background just like the musique video! Don't miss out kiddas when Cabello gets on her knees to SANG those high runs and showcase her ethereal vocals.

Camila's debut record unleashes manana kiddas, January 12th. We've got our paws and muffs ready and willing to press play at midnight!

Musique Video.

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