Just Dance: Asphalt

Nowness travels to the hills of Brazil for a insightful look into Passinho, a style of dance shown by 4 teen dancers.

"London-based filmmakers Thomas Bryant and Gitanjali Patel capture Brazilian dance craze passinho in this documentary about dance troupe Os Fabullosos—four dancers based in Queimados, a municipality on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Here, Bryant offers some insight into his candid film:

"Passinho is a footwork dance born in the baile funk parties of Rio de Janeiro's favelas. This film explores the path these four boys from Queimados forge for themselves as dancers, in the quest to establish passinho as a cultural reference for Brazil. "

"Although Queimados is on the ‘asphalt'—a term used to denote the boundary between the formal city and the informal hillside favela communities—it shares many of the same social characteristics and cultural trends as favelas, as well as suffering from the same stigma."

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