Video Premiere Santigold - Can't Get Enough Of Myself

It's a full day in the life of Santigold in a video directed by her and starring some of her famous friends. The track Can't Get Enough Of Myself is one of the standout tracks from her new album and we are happy to see it as the next single from her album 99¢.

Guests In Order Of Appearance: Alexander Wang (phone), Elijah DeVries (T-Shirt), Yung Jake (coffee), Jay Z (posters), Yohanna Zecarias (dollar bill), baby (sunglasses), Jack Rooke (rearview mirror), Olivia Wilde (billboard), Quil Lemons (water), Pharrell Williams (jumbotron), Inaya Clark (toast), Santigold (newspaper), Andy Samberg (photo booth), Naim White (whiskey).

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