Louis-Gabriel Nouchi x Galeries Lafayette

Louis-Gabriel Nouchi created a capsule collection of 15 references for French Megastore Galeries Lafayette. This project is a reflection about how womens and mens are dressed today and society codes about it.

The basic point was to create a woman’s wear collection based on menswear wardrobe and finally photograph the collection on both. The designer wanted to experiment how the same piece can look completely different on men and women’s, and how proportions, colors and how we wear something is extremely codified and references.

Also he played with styling to help confusing the understanding of outfits and graphic inside. Balancing between two extrems, Louis also wanted to have an arty point of start ( for the inspirations, shootings, color gamm, cut,…) for daily pieces with attractive prices.

“Proposing a woman shirt, 100% cotton and made in France, with menswear codes for closing system, for 50 euros in a Mega store like Galeries Lafayette was the real challenge of every pieces in this capsule.”

Graphics are inspired by Fernand Leger and Malevitch collages and sportswear from the 90’s, The cut is a reflexion about the space between the skin and the fabric, where hide elegance and sensuality for the designer.

Photographer: Emilie Gomez
Model: Baptiste Faure, Roxane & Nico @ Hakim Model Management
Make-up: Florence Samain
Video: Laetitia Bica." - Fuckingyoung.es

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