Saturday, November 29, 2014

Repost Worthy: ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin - Nina Perrson

Front woman of Swedish rock band The Cardigans, Nina Persson has released her debut solo album Animal Heart . An album that had us wondering what life change initiated the lyrics and her toned down look from the blonde Debbie Harry-esque tart we knew her as.  In an interview with the Perssons opens up about her life from the birth of her son in 2010 and her health issues dealing with cancer that led her to think she should start a career in medicine rather then music.

“I thought about it a lot, but it’s seven years for med school. Maybe it was a kind of midlife crisis. One day I thought, fine, I love music, I’m good at it, I just need to find a way to do it that is not so uncomfortable.

Nina on why she had doubts about going solo.

I never felt like I wanted to be solo,” she admits. “I grew up romanticising bands. To have your own name as a logo feels very plain, like something you see on your phone bill.” She shrugs. “Maybe in other countries my name is exotic. But where I’m from, there are a lot of Nina's.

Sometimes in life the best remedy is music and with Nina's solo effort it works. We present below our pick of stand out tracks from Animal Heart an album that has us rediscovering the brunette beyond the peroxide.

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