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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Beautiful 'Fractured' World of Jeremy Kost | Exclusive

"Photographer Jeremy Kost brings us an exclusive collection of images to celebrate the release of his new book "Fractured". Designed with the iconic Sam Shahid, the book features dreamy sensual multiple-exposure Polaroids of some of our favorite models. Our selection here (taken during the shooting of the book, but not published in it) includes Jacob Bitzer, Max Silberman, Vince Sant, Max Papendieck, Jordie Caskey, Max Emerson and a naked Brent Corrigan. 'Fractured' is available in a regular signed and Artist's limited edition of 100 copies (including a multiple-exposed Polaroid of your choice) through Kost's studio. Jeremy is holding a book signing at Bookmarc L.A. on October 17th and Bookmarc NYC on October 21st, both 6-8 PM."

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