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Thursday, May 22, 2014

SHOWstudio: Kate Moss

Its a treasure of modeling porportions as photographer Nick Knight has released some vintage footage of Kate Moss from one of their first shoot way back in 1995.

Coinciding with our Kate Moss month on Tumblr, Nick Knight releases a fashion film that explores and unpicks society's obsession with images of celebrities and our voyeuristic tendencies when it comes to icons.

The film was shot in 1995 during Knight's first ever session working with Moss, who was twenty years old at the time and fast becoming a worldwide star. It features footage from security cameras - a nod to the debate and controversy that surrounded surveillance culture at the time of filming - and presents Moss going about a normal day, from waking up to visiting a Madison Avenue studio to returning home. It is only as the film progresses that the viewer realises he is watching Moss from a stalker's perspective in a sinister play on anonymity, fame and privacy. The work was edited at the time by friend and collaborator Jason Evans.

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