Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Love And Wishes!

From all of us here at we wish you the best this Christmas Day and hope Santa brings you your favorite Gareth Pugh, Tiffany and Dior ;)

Put up a splash of Christmas spirit
Put in a dash of love
Stir up the sounds ‘till you can hear it
Sing out to those you love

Christmas, Christmas, you can fill me
Up with Christmas cheer
Christmas, Christmas, you fulfill my
Spirit every year

Toss up a mash of extra magic
Toss in a batch of love
Let up the lights with random logic
Look out for sleighs above

Santa, Santa, can I have it
Please I’ve been so good
Santa, Santa, please I beg you
Please oh if you would

Get up a clash of Christmas color
Get in a catch of love
Set up and show the shiny decor
Shout out with Christmas love

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