Heile Gänsje by Matt Lambert

Heile Gänsje from matt lambert on Vimeo.

Dazeddigital.com brings us a short film by filmmaker, photographer and visual artist Matt Lambert. The film takes us into the inner mind of a teen and the many aspects of sex, relationships and self reflection with a terrific soundtrack all shot in location in Berlin.

A film by Matt Lambert Featured on Visionaries, a new weekly documentary film strand from Dazed - see dazeddigital.com/video for all of this week’s new films I directed this film last summer in Berlin. It's a day in the life of Max and his group of friends. It follows him through a key moment in the understanding of his identity and sexuality.

Commissioned with support by Channel 4
Dedicated to the Memory of
Peter Schwedler
Executive Producer
Luke Jacobs
Nils Schwemmer
Matt Lambert
Corinne Ahrens
Written By
Blake Wood
Matt Lambert
Matt Lambert
Director Of Photography
Jaime Felui-Torres
Maxine Goedicke
Matt Lambert
Sound Design And Composition
Dennis Beckmann
Production Manager
Jannis Birsner
Focus Puller
Facundo Altube
Lawson Dada
Stylist / Costume Designer
Larissa Bechtold
Art Director
Claire Kurylowski
Art Department 
Will Orlando
Tom Bonynge
Make Up Concept
Servullo Mendez Rey
Hair / Make Up 
Ewa Cervena
Haircutting By
Darren O'donoghue
Sound / Boom
Tom Schön
Driver / Runner
Dennis Winter
Christian Rost
Heile Gänschen
Martin Mundo (Covered By Peter Schwedler)
"Yup" By Le1F
"Bitten" By Patrick Wolf
Bloody Chamber Music
"Light It Up.(Another Day)" By Black Cracker
"Mind Body" Le1F
"Get It Poppin" By Ego Boycott Feat. Inja
"I´ll Be Your Mirror"
Castle Face Records
Matt Jones On Bass
Adam From Blasted Canyons On Guitar
Mark From Burnt Ones On Guitar
Brigid From Thee Oh Sees On Tambourine And Backup Vocals
Shot On Location In Berlin
Makeup Provided By I+M Kosmetik Berlin

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